Marilyn Manson

The Disciples / James Mollison

James Mollison works in the territory where photojournalism strays into the world of art. He has approached his varied projects in the manner of an anthropologist, consistently utilizing a series format to reveal both commonality and subtle distinctions between his subjects. In 2005, Mollison began The Disciples, attending pop concerts across Europe and the USA with a mobile photography studio, inviting fans of each music star or band to pose for their portrait outside the gig. Subsequently, he joined together individual portraits from the same concert to create panoramic images that captured the zeitgeist of the act’s aesthetic. The Disciples, an original, sharp and highly entertaining take on contemporary music culture and the tribalism invoked by popular music stars.  



Dates: 3 – 22 June 2018

Venue: Belfast City Hall Lawn

Times: 8:30am – 6pm

Tickets: Free