1-5PM, 16th JUNE 2018


A still photograph of a musical moment can capture and define it - making it iconic in a way that no other medium can achieve. And according to critic Sean O’Hagan, many of the most recent collaborations between photographers and musicians have renewed the genre of music photography. Against this dynamic background, BPF present this day of talks exploring the evolving art of music photography from the 1970s to today’s newest independent labels.

1 - 3pm

Jenn Five

JENN FIVE is a Canadian music photographer who will be taking you behind the scenes. From within a mosh pit at a tiny show to working huge arenas to create memorable live photography.  Go behind the lens of shooting features and magazine covers with music's coolest bands. With a portfolio spanning artists like Prince, Foo Fighters and Lady Gaga, her work has been featured in several of the largest music publications including NME, Rolling Stone, and Kerrang!  

TONN Recordings

TONN RECORDINGS is a Belfast-based independent record label, dedicated to electronic music,  with a distinictive visual aesthetic - derived from its partnership of designer Christopher Martin with the label’s founder the lens-based visual artist Mary McIntyre. Martin and McIntyre will combine image and music in a presentation exploring how a distinctive record label’s imagery has evolved. 

3 - 4PM

James Mollison

JAMES MOLLISON has his exhibition The Disciples running across BPF 2018 at Belfast City Hall. The project is a unique visual study of musical subcultures in large scale composited panoramas made up of individual portraits of fans outside their musical heroes’ gigs - from Arctic Monkeys to Kiss to Dolly Parton to U2 and many more. Mollison’s talk on The Disciples will explore the role the image plays in the tribalism and fandom invoked by popular music stars in contemporary music culture.

Brian Griffin

BRIAN GRIFFIN has his exhibition Pop running across BPF 2018 at the Crescent Arts Centre. As far as music photography was concerned, the late ’70s and early ’80s has been described as  a dazzling, visual goldmine and Brian Griffin’s photography was at the centre of that era - shooting Ian Dury, The Clash, Depeche Mode, Echo And The Bunnymen, Iggy Pop, Kate Bush, The Specials, Elvis Costello and many more.  Griffin’s talk on Pop explores his career defining photographic innovation in a pre-digital age, shooting iconic Post Punk, New Wave and the New Romantic album covers, single sleeves, press shots and posters.