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Ready? OK! / Group Exhibition

Ready? OK! is the Naughton Gallery’s second annual sports exhibition, exploring the world of sport through a range of media including photography, sculpture, video and illustration.  Following 2017’s Get’cha Head in the Game exhibition, Ready? OK! showcases some of the most exciting sports-influenced artworks being made today, celebrating sport and sports culture, but also focusing on race, religion, gender, sexuality, and politics within sport.

The exhibition features contributions from Adidas and a selection of sports publications including El Champ magazine, FRANCHISE magazine, SEASON zine, andVictory Journal.

Artists: Carly Jean Andrews / Nils Ericson / Jessica Frankl / Oliver Griffin / Peter Hapak / Brian Jamie / Brian J. Morrison / Paul Pfeiffer / Ionut Radulescu / Ezra Shaw / Katie Skelly / Victor Solomon / Amber Vittoria / Keenan Wells


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Dates: 7 June – 5 August 2018

Venue: Naughton Gallery at Queens

Times: Tues to Sun 11am – 4pm

Tickets: Free