Quilter Cheviot is one of the UK’s largest discretionary investment management firms offering bespoke portfolio management with over £23.6 billion of assets under management (As at 31 December 2017). Based in 13 locations across the UK and with offshore presences in Jersey and Dubai, Quilter Cheviot offers a comprehensive range of investment services.

Quilter Cheviot has developed investment solutions to meet the needs of more than 40,000 clients and designs portfolios which are tailored specifically to their requirements and risk profile. Transparency and trust are at the very heart of everything we do for our clients.

Quilter Cheviot’s Belfast office opened on 1st February 2008, and today remains one of a small number of discretionary fund managers present in Northern Ireland.  The locally-based has extensive investment management experience and aim to provide a transparent and open service to our clients, drawing from our local knowledge.



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