Robin Price

Air of the Anthropocene / robin price

The works in this exhibition make visible the outcomes of a collaboration between digital artist Robin Price and environmental scientist Francis Pope. Experimental photography - recorded using a custom-built digital light painter and wearable sensors - capture the extent of air pollution present by enlarging microscopic particulates which are usually invisible to the naked eye. Images which indicate a greater density depict higher numbers of hazardous particulates. These images were made in sites around the UK and Ireland, as well as those which are most vulnerable to the health effects of pollution including India, Mexico and East Africa. 

 Additional Events:

Sat June 23rd 11.30am to 1.30pm: Light Painting workshop with Robin Price

Thurs July 5th 6pm, LNAB: Conversation with Robin Price and Francis Pope


Dates: 8 June – 30 July 2018

Opening: 7 June, 5:30pm

Venue: University of ATypical

Times: Tues to Fri 11am – 4pm

Tickets: Free